Symonds Yat East to Redbrook – Half Day Trip

Canoe the tranquil stretch of the River Wye going from one county to another.Redbrook

Finishing only five Miles from where the tidal stretch of the River Wye starts. Truly a Fantastic Trip.

Starting at our Riverside Centre in Symonds Yat East we will equip you for your trip and after a safety briefing we will get you into your chosen boats and set you on your way towards Monmouth. Depending upon your experience we may stipulate that you do a some time around the centre before you start your trip (this is to get you used to how the canoe handles and maneuvers.) Just so you have the necessary skills to go through the Symonds Yat Rapids.

One of our Members of staff will watch you and your group through the Grade Two Rapids, just so we are there to give you a few tips, and there to help sort you out if you capsize. (this is rarely necessary! just listen to our safety brief and you should be fine.)

After the rapids you remove your helmets and secure them to your canoes. Paddling the graceful and tranquil water past Biblins you cross under the Wire suspension bridge that links Symonds Yat East to Symonds Yat West, then on past hadnock Island. At this point you leave England entering wales and from Herefordshire into Monmouthshire.

You will canoe past the large Gothic Mansion of the Nimbus Recording Studios which you can see from the river. Then you start to approach Monmouth and the notorious Monmouth Mile. You can see the bridge in the distance and soon approach the Rowing Club on the Right Hand Side of The River. This is a great place to take a break before you power your canoes under the multi arch bridge and on towards Redbrook. Between Monmouth and Redbrook there is a section that has some very large boulders in the River Bed. Take care as you steer your Canadian Canoe around them and on towards the finish point.

You will know when you get to the finish as you pass underneath an old Railway Bridge where on your right there is a pub called “The Boat Inn at Penallt“. Your Egress point is on your left about 30 Meters after the bridge, Here there are some steps cut into the bank. We will then collect you and your Canoes and return you to Symonds Yat East.

This trip takes approximately 3-4 Hours and covers 10 Miles. A Nice Lazy half day trip.

This trip is only available by Pre-booking . You can do this Online below or call us 01600 890238

What might you see on your Journey?

Lots of wildlife

  • Wild Boar, with ever rising numbers, listen for the snuffles and spot these creatures
  • Deer, See these majestic beasts roam along the river banks and in through the adjoining woodlands.
  • Otters, Thankfully with increasing numbers you have a good chance of spotting otters on the river wye.
  • Mink, these ferocious animals will give you a wild berth, commonly mistaken for otters.
  • Swans, Ducks, Geese and Herons are common along the river.
  • Kingfishers take a great deal of patience to spot although you may just see a flash of blue as they hunt.
  • Barbel, Pike and even the odd Jumping salmon.

Historic Points of interest and Buildings

  • Hand Pull ferries – The last one at the Saracens Head Inn at Symonds Yat East just below your start point.
  • Symonds Yat Rapids – These are Grade Two Rapids which whilst easy to navigate deserve respect.
  • Biblins Bridge and Campsite. This is run by the forestry commission as a youth site only.
  • Hadnock Island – Whilst it gets a beating from the winter weather and is slowly eroding it still creates the perfect place for swans to nest during the spring/summer
  • Nimbus Records – The recording studio and grounds on the river bank look stunning.
  • Monmouth Wye Bridge – an important connection between the Forest of Dean and Monmouth.
  • Historic Railway Bridges
Canoe for Hire on the River Wye

Canoes are for 2 people, 3 people or 2 adults and 2 small children.

These are the American Indian style canoes (open top, no enclosure)

These are powered by a Single blade paddle.
Our Canoes are chosen for their stability and ease of use for beginners. Canoes can be Lashed together to create a more stable platform if required.

Kayaks for Hire on the River Wye

Kayaks are only available to hire for those with previous experience that can competently paddle and have been trained how to perform a capsize.

Our Kayaks are Dagger Approach’s in two Different Sizes.

If we are in any doubt that their experience does not meet our required level we will not hire out kayaks.

Sit On Top Kayak Hire on the River Wye

Sit on Top Kayaks are great fun surf style Boats.

These are available as Single person or Two Person, Each Person is required to wear a helmet and buoyancy aid whilst using our kayaks.

You will get wet from the waist down on a Sit on Top Kayak. No Experience is necessary.

To get to our centre please use HR9 6JL for Sat Nav’s but Follow the Brown Signs for SYMONDS YAT EAST as you get close.

If you get lost please call us on 01600 890 129 and we will do our best to help you.

♦ Please bring a change of clothes with you (hopefully you will not capsize but just incase)
♦ There must be someone of 18 in charge of each canoe.
♦ Please bring some photo ID to leave with us whilst you are out.