½ Day – 4 Hour – 9 Mile Canoe Trip

An Easy A to B Trip

Come to our centre. We transport you up to Kerne Bridge and you paddle back.

You have 4 Hours to complete your journey which is 9 miles down stream (you do have to paddle 😛 )


2 Person Canoe £50 Per Canoe
3 Person Canoe £55 Per Canoe
Family Canoe
2 Adults and 2 small children under hip height only
£60 Per Canoe
Joining 2 Canoes together to make a “Spar” £2 Per Spar

Do I need Experience?

Yes, all customers must have some canoeing experience. Do not book if you don’t have experience as this may be too much for you.

What times are available?

We have daily Trips every 30 minutes from 09:00-10:00 and 12:30-13:00

What is the maximum Group size?

In line with social distancing Law. Our maximum group size is 6 participants these can be from different households, if you have a household larger, please call to discuss

Do we have time to stop?

This trip is designed, not as a drift, nor as race but as a constant gentle paddle.
A ½ day trip does not allow time stop. If you want longer then please book our ¾ Day trip.

Call 01600 891 376 to book


  • You can pre-book this. However you must turn up 15 minutes before your allotted time starts.
  • If you miss your slot then unfortunately you will not be able to go. No Refunds will be given.
  • Buoyancy aids are provided and must be worn at all times.
  • T’shirts must be worn under buoyancy aids for Hygiene reasons at all times.
  • Upon return all customers must Wash their own buoyancy aid for a minimum of 20 seconds, then rinse and hang on our drying rail.
  • Staff will point out where you can safely leave equipment upon return. Please do so with care to help keep our staff safe.
  • NO GLASS OR ALCOHOL is allowed to be taken on our canoes, we retain the right to search and cancel any hire without refund.
  • Anyone who has been drinking Alcohol or taken drugs will be refused hire.
  • Cannabis use is illegal and forbidden on our premises. anyone smelling or smoking cannabis will refused hire and the police will be informed.
  • Anyone who has under lying health conditions or is Pregnant cannot partake – please do not book under these circumstances.
  • Please be respectful of other river users, locals and wildlife. This beautiful environment is here for everyone to enjoy. Do not spoil it for others. Have fun but be polite, quiet and take your litter home.

Covid 19 – How we are working to help keep you safe

  • Our premises is deep cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Our minibuses are disinfected between each booking to help ensure there is no cross contamination
  • We are limiting the number of people in our minibuses so we can distance you.
  • We use only the recommended products that are known to kill the Covid – 19 Virus
  • Our Buoyancy aids are washed after every use, dried in our custom store and disinfected each day
  • Our Paddles are disinfected after each use
  • Our Canoes are cleaned regularly and areas which have contact are wiped (with the correct product) to help minimise the risk of contact with the virus.
  • Customers are welcome to wear masks if they feel they wish to. but they are not mandatory unless on the minibus, then they must be worn by all.
  • We have sanitiser points accessible when we are open. All customers must use this before handling any equipment.
  • Customers can use their own gloves or purchase gloves upon check in but gloves are not mandatory.
  • We have clear signage to help enforce the social distancing law of 2 metres.
  • Staff will do what they feel is necessary to help ensure customers and staff are kept safe under the guidelines.

What if we capsize?

In the event of a capsize you will need to be able to swim the equipment and yourselves to the nearest bank and safely empty the canoe to carry on. We will instruct you on what to do in the event of a capsize before you get on the water.

What if there is a serious injury or accident?

Each piece of equipment has our emergency contact number on so you or someone can contact us.

However in the event of an emergency, if our staff need to come to your assistance we will keep our social distance where possible. In the event of an injury we will administer first aid if required but because of the Covid 19 virus and risks due to this, we will in the first instance direct you how to administer first aid to yourself or to another member of your group. If it is life threatening we will alert the relevant emergency services and administer first aid.