Frequently Asked Questions about Canoe Hire

Canoeing in the Wye Valley
River Wye Canoe Hire

Are Dogs Welcome?

Of Course! Well Behaved Dogs are more than welcome providing there is space in the canoe. Large dogs are not advised. All we ask is that you remove the lead whist you are on the water.

Is there a Weight Limit on canoes?

There is a Maximum of 3 Adults in any one canoe.

If we deem that the canoe would be too unstable we would ‘Spar’ 2 Canoes together to create a more stable craft.

Total weight limit is around 500lbs,assuming camping kit etc.If you are more than average size please advise,we can then make the necessary adjustments etc

What is the Minimum Age?

Depending on the temperatures and weather conditions we allow children over the age of 4 out on the water.

Providing they correctly fit one of our Child’s Buoyancy Aids.

Are you open All Year round?

We are open all year round. We will insist on one of our expert Qualified staff that can safely guide you in colder temperatures,down the river safely.

Unless you can convince us that you are sufficiently qualified or experienced for the colder conditions. This is weather dependent and at our Discretion.

The winter time can provide some of the best scenery and quieter river conditions than any other time of year.

Can we stop off for lunch?

Of Course on a 3/4 or Full Day Trip. Best to take a packed lunch with you.

We will tell you a perfect place with fantastic views to enjoy your picnic.

We’ve never done it before. Can we go?

90% of our Customers have never been before. Canoes require no previous experience. Kayaks however will only be hired to those who have had previous experience and we deem competent.

Is there somewhere to park?

We have a large Car Park on our Riverside Premises.

Can you Provide Instruction?

Yes we are AALA Licensed and can Provide you with a Fully Qualified instructor to guide you or teach you some new skills.

Do we need to book?

Ideally yes. We do get very busy!

But you can always turn up to our riverside centre and we will do our best to get you out onto the River.

Someone in our group is a bit nervous. Will we get wet?

We will explain how to sit correctly in the canoes so we can minimize the chances. We can also strap ‘spar’ two Canoes together.

This makes it virtually impossible to capsize but still very controllable. – The “Sparred” Canoes are a great idea for family’s with small children.

What Should We Wear?

Please wear clothes that you are happy to get wet. Just in case.
Sensible footwear that will stay on your feet in the water.

No Jeans, Wellingtons, Crocs or Flip Flops

What do we need to bring with us?

Bring a spare change of clothes to leave in the car and some Photo ID like a Driving License or passport to leave with us whilst your on the water.

Someone in our Party is pregnant can they go?

Unfortunately we cannot allow anyone who is pregnant to participate in any of our activities.

Got a Question that isn’t listed here?
Give us a call on 01600 891376 and we will do our best to answer it.