If you can't find the answer to your question, please give us a call on 01600 891 376

Of course! Well behaved dogs are more than welcome providing there is space in the canoe. Nothing larger than an average Labrador. All we ask is that you remove the lead whist you are on the water. If you are unsure please call us on 01600 891 376.

There is a maximum of 17 stone or 110kg per person – with a maximum weight of 34 stone or 230kg in a canoe including any clothing and any gear.

If we deem that the canoe would be too unstable we would ‘spar’ 2 canoes together to create a more stable craft. This may be due to height and weight combination.

Depending on the temperatures and weather conditions we allow children over the age of 4 out on the water.

Providing they correctly fit in one of our child’s buoyancy aids.

There is a large Pay & Display car park right next to our riverside centre. This is not owned by ourselves.

90% of our customers have never been before. Canoes require no previous experience. Kayaks however will only be hired to those who have had previous experience and we deem competent.

Yes we are AALA Licensed and can provide you with a fully qualified instructor to guide you or teach you some new skills.

Ideally yes. We do get very busy!

But you can always turn up to our riverside centre and we will do our best to get you out onto the river.

We will explain how to sit correctly in the canoes so we can minimise the chances. We can also strap ‘spar’ two canoes together.

This makes it virtually impossible to capsize but still very controllable. – The ‘sparred’ canoes are a great idea for families with small children.

Please wear clothes that you are happy to get wet. Just in case.
Please wear sensible footwear that will stay on your feet in the water.

No jeans, wellingtons, Crocs or flip flops.

Bring a spare change of clothes to leave in the car and some Photo ID like a Driving License or Passport to leave with us whilst you’re on the water.

A family canoe is only suitable for 2 average sized adults and 2 children around 10 years old and under hip height.

Whilst being able to swim is not a strict requirement, (all users are given a Buoyancy Aid and this must be worn at all times on the water), it is advisable to be able to swim just encase you end up capsizing

Whilst there is no maximum age and we do not wish to be discriminative, we do ask people to use their common sense.

In certain conditions i.e. cold water, it would not be wise to take an older person out on the water. Please talk to us and we will advise you on your best option.

We have a duty of care for all our customers and staff and will not put people at risk, so please do not take offence if we cannot accommodate your request.

We supply water resistant barrels to put your belongings in.

These are available in 2 sizes – either 30l or 60l. Depending upon how many people are in your canoe will determine what size barrel you can have. Family canoes are given a water resistant bag to fit under the rear seat of the canoe.

Our advice is please take only what you really need and leave any valuables locked in your car. You can leave your keys at reception upon check in so you know they are safe and more importantly DRY!

Toilets are few and far between along the river. Upon check-in your group will be given a map and these are noted on there.

If your trip has enough time allowed to stop (a ½ day trip does not allow time for this), there are a very very small number of places along the river to eat.  These places may not always be open and can be slow serving basic food.

We highly recommend you take a picnic with you. This way you cannot be disappointed with the food and can enjoy alfresco dining in a stunning surrounding. 

Upon check-in your group will be given a map and shown a fantastic place to stop and enjoy your food if requested.

Upon check-in you will be given a return time marked on your map and sign in form. This is for your safety so we can account for you and your group’s well being.

The duration varies upon what trip you have booked. These are listed in each route description.

90% of the year your trip will be unguided unless requested.

However, with natural conditions of the River Wye constantly changing and our strong ethic for your safety, it may be necessary for us to guide you down the river.

The river level and speed can rise even in the height of the Summer.

If we choose to accompany you, it is not intended to be invasive nor does it spoil your time on the water, it is there to help keep you safe.

If the water levels are higher than normal and we are still safe to operate, one of our highly qualified instructors will guide you down the river with a small number of other people. We still get you out to enjoy the trip but in a safe controlled manner.

We try to make our activities as enjoyable as possible, Our trips are designed with plenty of time for people to complete the journey in that time with allowances for peoples different abilities/strengths.


The sport is canoeing and not floating/drifting so some paddling is required to keep within your allotted time.


If you are a couple of minutes late there is no drama,


However if people are later than 15-20 minutes we have a duty to be concerned for your safety and well being, This results in us trying to contact you and if we cannot locate you within a sensible distance, we will then initiate a search team to check upon you and if necessary recover you from the water.


We charge a late return fee of £30 per boat per hour or part of, whilst people might see this as unfair, it takes people away from cover who could be assisting if someone has a serious emergency, Our staff work very hard, long days and they deserve to be able to go home on time.


Please arrive back on time to avoid this spoiling your day out.

We pride ourselves on safety and are proudly accredited by the leading bodies in our industry
We pride ourselves on safety and are proudly accredited by the leading bodies in our industry