Keeping our customers safe during these challenging times

So, what are we doing to keep you safe during these challenging times?
  • We have installed a glass partition in our shop to protect both customers and staff.
  • Our staff get their temperature checked every morning along with all customers that are on hire with us when they check in.
  • We have hand sanitiser in 3 locations around our centre.
  • There is a one way system in place to keep our customers who are going on separated from our customers coming back in.
  • We are asking all customers to wash and rinse their BA when they come off the water. Each paddle and BA only goes out once a day and all used kit gets completely disinfected at the end of each day.
  • We are asking all customers the wear face masks or coverings in our minibuses when being transported upstream.
  • Minibuses are cleaned after every use.
  • Our shop gets regularly cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day.
Hopefully this will help put any of our future customers minds at ease.
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