Proudly Accredited

Here @ Wyedean Canoe & Adventure Centre LTD we are proud of our company history which gives us our experience & personal qualifications, But we are also very proud to be accredited by many national governing bodies.





These hard earned qualifications allows us to look after you and your group in the following activities

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DIY SOS 29.03.17

DIY SOS Aired 29.03.2017 Filmed 2016

We Love to help people and put a smile on their face. Do we need to say more.
We gift thousands of pounds worth of activities and canoeing each year to worthy people and causes.
We hope they come back soon. #DIY SOS #SymondsYatEast #Wyedean Adventure


Our New Staff

Here at Wyedean Canoe & Adventure Centre we take huge pride in our Reputation and our staff are at the front of our operation every day.

Each year we have new members of staff that we train to our high standards. Each one is picked from by ourselves for their attitudes and ability to adapt to different peoples requests and abilities.


Here are some photos from our recent Water Training with our new Team!


Our Senior Instructor James in his New Palm Spark Dry Suit ready to Teach the New staff how we do Rescues on the River Wye. Nothing better than training in the Environment you work in.


Throwline Practice on the New Weir Rapids @ Symonds Yat


Mr Dan getting ready to Swim Symonds Yat Rapids for his training. Just look how Beautiful the area we work in is!


Everyone gets involved and everyone has Learnt a lot from a fun and important day on the River Wye.


Enjoy a Scenic Tour of the Wye Valley from a Canadian Canoe, the perfect way to view the stunning countryside scenery and wildlife.
A 3 hour Canadian Canoeing Experience With Fully Qualified guidance and Instruction for Two People.
All equipment, Instruction and Upstream Transport Included. 9 Mile experience trip from Kerne Bridge To Symonds Yat East.
ONLY £39.00 per person including all instruction and equipment. (Based on 2 persons per Canoe)
Children aged 10 and above can be added for only £20.00.
Available Saturdays and Sundays From November – March. Subject To availability.
Please call 01600 891 376 or here to email us to enquire.

A Big Thank You To The Wyedean Team

Tom and the team

Just to say thanks for a great (and safe) morning on the river. Boys first
trip on a river and I am sure not their last!

All the best
Paul Littlechild



Many Thanks for your kind words and Custom Paul

Hope to

Photos of Wyedean Rescue Training

Here are a few photos from our recent rescue training session


Our New Member of Staff Vinnie Showing us His Canoe Rescue Skills on the Famous Symonds Yat Rapids

Throw bag Skills – Safe & Correct use and also putting into practice many scenarios.

We put ourselves into many situations that a customer may encounter and thought a lot about how to get out of the situation easily and quickly.

This also included in successfully Flipping a “Sparred” Canoe. These are Virtually impossible to capsize and as you can see with a few experienced instructors it is possible to capsize one. But we managed to get it back upright and empty in 5 minutes.


Upside Down

Back up the Right Way – Just need to Bail the water out.

(our Chief Instructor James is using his initiative and utilising his helmet as a bailer)

Rescue Training, River Clearance & Rubbish Collection

We have recently carried out a day of Staff Training with our New and Existing staff on the River Wye.

We Started at our Private Riverside Centre with Orientation and making sure all Staff understand and agree on our Strict safety rules and how we operate all aspects of our Canoe Hire. This proved to be a great time spent talking over different ideas and also explanations of why we do what we do and what makes us stand out above the rest.

We then drove up to Kerne Bridge where we cleared many overhanging hazards that hinder Paddles of all Levels as they go through the Bridge. This all helps to ensure the Safety of our Customers. We also carried out minor pruning around the Bishopswood Launch point and down towards Lydbrook.

This took us all morning to achieve but we were very very pleased with the results.

The Start of the afternoon was spent practising capsizing Canoes and emptying them as if they were a Customer with little or no Canoeing Experience, and also going through many different scenarios like a customer with a small child on their own in the boat and how to empty a Canoe without putting any more strain on your body than necessary. This proved invaluable, Helping the staff understand what a customer has to deal with and going through the correct & safe method of sorting the problem out should the situation arise.

We then moved on to the rapids where we spent a long time going through Safe Rescue Techniques and putting them into Practice. Under the watchful eye of our Level 5 Coach Paul Howells who brought a lot of experience, knowledge and understanding to our session.

These Practice Sessions are vital to our Safety Ethics and Practices. As we are so close to The New Weir Rapids, If an accident was to occur we are usually the first port of call and can respond ASAP. All of our Full Time Centre Staff are First Aid Certificated.

Before heading home after a long but Very Productive Day we spent some time collecting Rubbish from the Island on the rapids and along the river bank. Sad to say there was quite a lot. It is disheartening to think that some fellow river users do not appreciate the Beautiful surroundings and cannot simply take the rubbish back with them and stick it in a bin.

Photos to follow shortly

As seen on BBC Countryfile!

For the second year running the BBC Countryfile team have chosen Wyedean because of our unique knowledge of the area and our Safety ethics.

In 2011 Julia Bradbury joined us on a trip along the river Wye taking in the history and also going through the rapids in a canoe along with our very own Paul Howells.

Please Click Here to read the Countryfile Article about this event.

On a morning in January 2012 we met Ellie Harrison on the banks of the River Wye just below Huntsham Bridge. After a short time rigging up the equipment to the kayaks and presenters we safely took the film crew in a Sparred Canoe and followed Ellie and Paul Howells down the river towards Symonds Yat East. Ellie Managed to take a swim (capsize) almost right at the beginning but thankfully Paul was there to rescue her and get her back into her kayak to continue the journey.

The River was in spate so with the current it did not take us long to reach Symonds Yat East, where we got Ellie warm and dry thanks to the Roaring fire at The Royal Lodge Hotel

After a warm coffee we moved on to the Rapids at Symonds Yat, This was the main area of focus for us as we are desperately trying to save the rapids and protect the Island. The island is to be protected by a willow bank which will be planted across the top of the island. This will hopefully Slow down the Erosion by the powerful water and give the island a chance to Naturally Flourish once again.


Many Thanks to the Fantastic Countryfile Team. We look forward to working with you again in the future.