Go Caving!

Explore Real Cave Systems in the Wye Valley

Caving Gloucestershire
Caving Herefordshire
Caving Symonds Yat

The natural area around Symonds Yat and the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire are the perfect place to go Caving.

Walk, crawl and sometimes shuffle through miles of passageways into vast open caverns with stalactites and stalagmites .

Many Species of Bats call the Caves home and the only way to get a close up look is to go caving!

All of our caving instructors are Qualified Cave leaders and are site specific trained on the surrounding caves.

A 3 hour session starts from our centre and entails a short walk to the start of the caves, you are given a boiler suit, helmet and light and with a brief explanation of where you are going, you then set off into the caves being lead by the instructor.

Suitable for novices and experienced alike. We can choose a cave system that is suitable for your requirements.

Caving is great fun for all persons aged 8 and upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a certain size?

Whilst we have equipment to fit different sized people the cave systems in our area can be tight in places. If you are concerned? Please give us a call.

Will I get Dirty?

You are provided with a Boiler suit which should keep the worst off you, but you will be down in the dirt in some caves so you will get some on you. Its all good fun!

What should I Wear?

To go Caving you should wear clothes that you are happy to get dirty and Sensible shoes like trainers or walking boots.

How Long are our Sessions?

Our Caving Sessions are 3 Hours. This is the perfect time for you to explore the natural beauty of underground.

What equipment will we use?

Everyone is supplied with a protective Helmet, Belt, Boiler suit and Head torch

I am a bit Nervous of going underground

We encounter this quite often. Our instructors are there to help. They will explain everything that you will encounter and set your mind at ease.
Some of the spaces are confined but the beauty lies after these bits.

Air Quality

The Air Quality in the cave systems we use is very good.


Being underground the temperature is a constant. Whilst you will be moving inside you may get cold. Wear a Fleece under your boiler suit if you suffer from the cold.